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There are advantages and disadvantages from working at home. I’m going to add to this list as and when they strike me. I’ll be positive and start with the Advantages.


  1. No peak hour traffic
  2. Having a fully stocked fridge in the kitchen and not having to spend money on unhealthy lunches.Have I mentioned I hardly EVER eat lunch? I ate better when I worked in an office and packed a healthy lunch every day.
  3. Watching a cute dwarf bunny rabbit hop around the garden, chasing the Hadedas away.
  4. My cat sleeping on the desk next to me or putting her paw on my hand while I’m typing (I take that as a sign that I need to take a 2- minute walk away from my computer).
  5. Looking out onto a beautiful garden and swimming pool.
  6. I get to keep company with cats.



  1. Having a headache migraine and the gardener is mowing the lawn. There must be a silent version out there somewhere. Or maybe I should just get a goat. A goat would just silently munch away at the grass, one blade at a time.
  2. See point 2 above. When I do open the fridge all I see is a top shelf full of Red Squares. The Silver Ones. The very yummy, drink in 5 minutes, ones. Close fridge door. Walk away. It’s only 09h00.
  3. Ok the rabbit died in August 2014. The Hadedas are back and they’re making up in noise for the 5 years we had the rabbit.
  4. An ungodly deep throated rumbling meow from my cat. It’s coming from under the desk. She’s caught and is eating a baby lizard (I take that as a sign to dash as far away from my desk as I can)(I can’t handle the sound of her loudly eating it).
  5. EVERY.single.lawnmower and weed eater in the neighbourhood is on at the same time every Thursday morning. My head. The noise. My sinuses.
  6. The cat insists on sitting on my laptop, my mouse, in front of my laptop. I get scratched and bitten if I gently nudge her. Now I unceremoniously putĀ  her on the floor. Which gets a flick and a twitch of the tail and a dirty backwards glance at me. It’s still better than a bitchy colleague with PMS.