Winning R23 is not winning the lottery.

///Winning R23 is not winning the lottery.

Winning R23 is not winning the lottery.

I won R23 in the lottery and decided to give my partner Andre a call and let him know we’ve won the lottery. This is how the call went.

Me: Hi there

Andre: Hello

Me: Guess what?

Andre: What?

Me: You’ll never believe what happened to me today

Andre: ok

Me: You know I always play the lottery

Andre: yes

Me: I was tidying up my handbag and there’s all these tickets lying around so I took them to the SPAR after work and checked the numbers

Andre: and

Me: and guess what

Andre: did we win

Me: YES (shouting)

Andre: *giggles* (I swear I heard him nervously giggle) we won?


Andre: really? (now he’s excited) How much did we win?

Me: guess

Andre: a couple of million?

Me: not so much

Andre: a couple of hundred thousand

Me: R23

Andre: what

Me: R23

Andre: R23 000?

Me: no. R23

Andre: *silence*

Me: are you there?

Andre: I don’t understand?

Me: we won the lottery. Aren’t you excited!?

Andre: we won R23?

Me: YES. Aren’t you excited

Andre: R23. Are you sure?

Me: yes

Andre: that’s not winning the lottery

Me: we won R23. That’s a win

Andre: *nervously laughing* no it’s not.

Me: a win is a win

Andre: not R23

Me: don’t be negative

Andre: I thought you we going to tell me we won millions

Me: I did say we won the lottery

Andre: R23 is not winning the lottery

Me: We DID win the lottery. I just didn’t say we won with 6 numbers

Andre: ok (laughs)

Me: how did you feel when I told you we won the lottery?

Andre: excited

Me: I know. I could hear it in your voice. Now remember that feeling every time we play the lottery and we might win!

Andre: laughs

The conversation carried on but that was the best part. Today I learnt that dreaming is good and having BHAG are great.

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