Why I Sent You An SMS

Why I Sent You An SMS

I’ve just had to send a good old fashioned sms to a networking associate to ask them to check their WhatsApp and email because something on their Facebook Page needs urgent attention that I can’t answer. Yes I tried calling, no she’s  not answering.

Once upon a time I used to send a friend a message on Facebook saying I had sent him an email. He used to get so rude, over Facebook, telling me it was a ‘dumb’ thing to do.  If you’re male, 35 and cohabiting with your cat then yes, you have nothing better to do than check, read and action ALL of your emails every night. Needless to say he’s an ex-friend and has been blocked from Facebook. That’s not why I blocked him but it was the start of the end.

I think it’s quite clever because if you ever have the privilege (read nightmare) to see my Gmail account you’d know that I miss things, often. If I don’t check my Gmail account for 3 or 4 days then your message will end up on page 5 or 6 of my account because, until last week, I was getting over 50 emails a day (and that’s just in my “inbox”). Never mind my “Social” or “Promotions” tabs. I have unsubscribed from almost 50 emails (that go to my “inbox”) in the past week so it should start getting better, I hope. To get a friendly reminder from someone is great because then I know to look out for your email.

Back to sending a networking associate an sms to get her attention. In light of me not checking my PRIVATE emails regularly surely I shouldn’t be upset. Yet I am. We live in a connected world of emails and Internet. Why have WhatsApp if you never use it? Why have a BUSINESS email account, where you receive priority orders that have to go out the same or the next day, and not check it? She uses the excuse that she’s 71 and doesn’t understand technology. I have a client who is 78 and checks her email, sends me information for her monthly newsletter, updates her website and manages both her Facebook personal and business pages. Oh, I just found out her 42 year-old son manages her email for her. That’s even worse. He should know better.

Back to sending a networking associate an sms to get her attention.  I need her business information by Monday next week and I know I am going to have to nag and bother and remind and pester and call her to get it. I can guarantee the information won’t be correct and come Tuesday her business won’t be listed on Facebook as an event in time for her 10-minute talk.

Last week I sent a different networking associate a WhatsApp to let him know I’d sent him an email. He read the message, replied to the email and carried on communicating via both WhatsApp and email. I got his information almost immediately.

The whole point of networking is to be connected and to stay in touch. What irritates me the most about this is that I am not getting paid to do this or to manage the BNI Facebook Page. I’m doing it because I volunteered and mistakenly thought that our whole chapter would use the information (such as interesting articles, podcasts, inspirational business quotes) to their advantage. I was wrong. My lesson for today? Know your target market!

Back to sending a networking associate an sms to get her attention. I sent her the sms almost 2 hours ago. No, she hasn’t replied.

Update 06 July 2015: I’ve sent 4 emails and 4 sms and 2 WhatsApp. No response.


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