What Mom’s and Dad’s Do In The Morning

///What Mom’s and Dad’s Do In The Morning

What Mom’s and Dad’s Do In The Morning

Disclaimer. Before you get on your high horse this is an account of what happens in MY house in the morning.

I might be feeling a bit grumpy today. I have the onset of a migraine. I have a migraine. I did a lot of computer work yesterday, my eyes were sore, I was tired. Going through the support email is physically draining. I went to bed early. Early being around 21h30. I didn’t meditate. I just climbed into bed and fell into a glorious slow-wave sleep. Only to be loudly awakened to the sounds of “MOOMMMEEEEE”. Thing 2 wanted to go the toilet. Dear God. When is this child going to go to the toilet on her own in the night? I am tempted to take out a 2nd bond on the house to build an on-suite bathroom. We have a spare room to the left of her room and Thing 1 sleeps to the right of her. If I move Thing 2 into the spare room then we can turn her current bedroom onto a nice sized bathroom. We can put 2 interleading doors in-between. The she can feel safe enough to go to the toilet on her own. I live in hope. After being woken up from such a deep sleep, I feel like I have a sleep hangover. Thing 1 thinks the bathroom is a good idea. With Terms and Conditions of course.

I'm not an architect. You get the picture.


We also went to Home Affairs but that’s another story. I got up at 05h15 so I could juice. I didn’t go shopping last week for our juicing fruit and veg so no juicing. I still have other things to do. I wash my face, cleanse, tone, moisturise. In between I’m getting dressed. In between doing my skincare and getting dressed, I’m getting Thing 2 out of bed so she can nebulise as she’s sick. I asks me to go to the bathroom with her. While she’s getting into her school clothes, whining the whole time she’s not feeling well. I’m getting the nebuliser ready. She’s dressed, the nebuliser is on. She needs a tissue. She wants a book to read. I’m in and out of her room 4 times in 5 minutes. I finally get to finish with my moisturiser and put my skirt on. The nebuliser is done and it’s time to take five different meds and make her breakfast. She can’t have milk while she’s sick so it’s futurelife with water. Life could be worse.

I get to take a breath. I do my hair. It’s wild, frizzy, and frankly embarrassing. I don’t have time to GHD it. So I opt for a bun. Again. For the fourth time this week. As I finish Thing 2 comes round the corner. I do her hair, get her to brush her teeth. By now my head is starting to pulse and it’s 06h05.

I go into the kitchen to make her lunch. She can’t have yoghurt so I need to get creative. She ends up with strawberries, melon, grapes, banana and an apple. And a fruit stick. And a strawberry jam sandwich. She wants to be vegetarian so it’s all good and healthy. She’s complaining her socks and shoes aren’t on. I tell her in a very commanding voice to get her father to do it. It’s 06h15.

DH got up at 05h50. He went to shower. He got dressed. He fed the Koi and took a walk around the garden. He’s put his lunch, software engineering textbook and laptop in his boot. He’s ready. It’s 06h15.

DH and Thing 1 leave at 06h30. Two less people in the house so it’s quieter. I check Thing 2’s message book to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I check the GR R WhatsApp group for last minute messages. I sign the form to have her eyes tested. She went for an eye test last year and passed 100%. You can never be too sure. I pack her bag. Check if she wants water or juice to drink. She wants water. It’s now 06h45. I don’t have the energy to put on a full face of make-up, foundation etc. I use powder, and eye make-up. I open the door for our housekeeper.

Handbag √

Cell phone √

School bag √

Car keys √

House keys √

Water for me √

Migril tablets √

Both Home Affairs receipts are on the fridge √

House keys √√

Shoes √

It’s 07h05. We can finally leave for school.


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