Walking the treadmill

//Walking the treadmill

Walking the treadmill

I really enjoy walking on the treadmill.

I’ve tried walking in the hills around Northcliff. No pavements, drivers are insane are the hills are murderous. By the time I’ve walked for 45 minutes up and down and over the mountains and around the bends I’m finished. I was hoping to get to a level where I could start jogging but it’s not going to happen.

I went back to gym and started at 10 minutes walking and 10 minutes on the bicycle. 3 weeks later I’m up to 20 minutes at 05h30 in the morning. Getting up that early is torturous but I found that once I get home and shower, get dressed, do make-up and I’m ready by 07h15 latest. Awesome!

So back to the walking. I dropped Jade off at school for her media/journalism course through Beeld, and went straight to gym. I got there around 08h30 and it was already full. I thought I’d warm up with 15 minutes walking, 10 minutes cycling and do some light circuit training. I did 20 minutes walking on programme 6 at level 3 and was in ‘my groove’. So I did another 20 minutes and this upped it to level 1 which is very similar to walking up and down the hills of Northcliff…also on level 3. After 40 minutes my legs were throbbing, my heart rate had gone up, the sweat was pouring and I felt amazing!

I’m going to gym with Kathy tomorrow morning and I plan on doing 60 minutes. Next week I’m doing 20 minutes walking on level 5 and trying for 15 minutes cycling.

I’ve showered, got dressed, done my make-up and ready to take on the weekend 🙂

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