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Jade is my oldest child. She’s going to be 13 in June. She’s in Grade 7. She’s a Prefect, plays Netball, Hockey and extra-curricular Hockey. She’s achieved awards in Drama at the NEA. She tries to play chess. She plays classical guitar very well but she’s lazy. She does well academically and gets nothing less than an 80% average. She’s also a 1st Class Scout.

I raised Jade as a single parent for 5 years (another story in another lifetime that I doubt I’ll be posting about here). She is pretty much organised, as a 12 year-old tween girl can be. She went to school from the age of 3-months, gets up early, gets herself dressed, eats breakfast (most days) brushes her teeth and hair. makes lunches and gets her bag packed. her schoolwork is always done. I never get reminders that she’s misbehaved. She received an award last year for being polite.

Amber is completely different. She’s going to be 4 in June. She was not planned but Andre and I had bought a house and been in a relationship for 3 years when I fell pregnant. Mental note: my first and last holiday to Durban. She has been raised with a Mom, Dad, Sister, full-time house-keeper. She stayed at home until she was 3 years 3 months old. She works according to her own time and schedule. Getting her up has become easier, getting her dressed has not. She is supposed to eat breakfast at school but often eats breakfast at home and at school. Most days she doesn’t want to brush her teeth and hair. She doesn’t get many stars on her chart at school. Mental note: ask her teacher how they get stars and why she doesn’t have many. She’s quite a tough one. She doesn’t forget, ever, and will make a point of showing you you’re wrong (apple juice story).

All this means I get kept very busy running around co-ordinating my time and schedules to fit in with theirs. The rest of my TNT posts are going to be about what they DON’T do.

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