The Middle Finger

///The Middle Finger

The Middle Finger

Amber was complaining, more like moaning and whining, that she wanted, needed a plaster tonight. There was no major accident so I asked Dad what all the fuss was about. He apparently scratched her finger. I ask her to show me said finger and I was shown the middle finger.

My comment was “well that’s nice”. She starts yelling “it’s not nice, I need a plaster”. The more Dad and I laugh the more she gets upset. I call Jade and tell her Amber has a sore finger and to ask her which one. Amber shows her middle finger. Jade laughs and says “that’s nice mom”. Dad starts laughing again.

Amber is now seriously annoyed with me and if she knew what a real bird was I’m sure she would show me one. Suffice to say she refused to let me give her cough medicine or her antihistamines or make her a bedtime drink or read her a bedtime story or say goodnight. I almost had her bedroom door slammed shut in my face but she knows if she slams her door again it’s being taken off. I’m still laughing at the middle finger.


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