Friday night mom

Friday night mom

So it’s 22h00 on a Friday night and we’ve just got home. Funny that because 6 years ago we would still be home at 22h00 and would almost be ready to go out. Now we’ve just hauled our very tired bodies inside. While he tries to get a very overtired and now irritable toddler out of her clothes and into pyjamas, I’m unpacking a picnic basket. I use the word picnic very loosely because there was no sun, no salads, no snacks, no park, no dogs. Just a very strong wind that blew the smoke of 7 people trying to all cook their meat over one braai in your face. Isn’t braai day on Tuesday?

We’ve just got back from the Scouts AGM in case you were wondering. So back to the picnic basket. I always prepare for a picnic. I did not prepare for an after-the-agm-all-crowd-the-braai at 20h00 ‘picnic. There’s an open container of tuna pasta, potato salad (why do they call it salad if it has no greens in it?), a piece of cooked wors in a packet and dirty knives and forks in my lovely picnic basket. I unpack, repack into hygienic containers and pack the dishwasher. Kitchen sorted.

Next. I have a 13 year-old scout leaving for a PLTC (Patrol Leader Training Course) at 09h00. So. Load up the washing machine with a quick load. My jeans, Jade’s jersey, scout uniform which she’s had on all night but needs for tomorrow and must be and smell clean, my favourite black cardigan all reek of smoke. Oh and a doll’s jacket because said doll was lying on the ground and is now dirty. 30 minute quick load just to de-smoke. What would I do without a washing machine at 22h30 on a Friday night? Clothing sorted. I’ll get up at 06h00 to dry them in the tumble drier tomorrow morning. 6 years ago I would probably only be getting home at 04h00…and in a drunken state did do a load of washing at 04h00 in the morning. That’s another story 😉

So. PLTC course was only confirmed at 19h30. I like living on my last nerve. yes I do. It’s now 23h00. He’s still fighting with an irritable toddler. Put laptop back on. Open gmail. Check for PLTC forms. Find PLTC forms. Print PLTC forms. Right. 2 consent forms, a kit list and an application form waiting on the kitchen counter. I’ll fill them in at 06h15, after I’ve loaded the tumble drier…

Finally get to bed just after 23h30. 6 years ago I would have been on my 4th drink and 3rd jageirmeister. Oh well. I set my alarm for 06h00. I promised Jade I’d be up early to fill in the forms, help her pack, get her clothes dry and ironed and get her to the shops when they open at 08h00 so she can buy snacks for the camp. The alarm very kindly tells me I have 6 hours and 18 minutes before I need to get up. Thanks for working that out for me *sigh*

I also promised Kathy we’d go to the gym at 09h00. I have to drop Jade off at 09h00. Fuck. SMS Kathy (at almost midnight) and ask her if we can make it for 09h30. My life on a Friday night? How did this happen? Did I mention 6 years ago we would have been dancing up a storm and celebrating happy hour? Goodnight.

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