Date with my Dietitian

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Date with my Dietitian

So I stopped keeping a food diary online after 3 days and moved it to a diary. I just couldn’t keep it updated. I took the plunge and went to see a Dietician. I actually see her every Tuesday morning as we’re in the same BNI Networking Chapter. She did her 10-minute keynote presentation and I won the door prize, which was a big bag of fresh fruit and veg and other healthy stuff. YAY for me. The final push was that it’s Summer, it’s getting hot and I’m struggling with the heat and not having clothes that fit and are cool enough and smart enough to wear to work.

I gave her a referral, she called and I set up an appointment to see her the same week. We went through a full consultation on what I eat and no surprise, I’m a big round ball of yellow cheese. And so are my fat cells. I’m addicted to a quick snack on the run of yellow cheese. We made another appointment for the following week for me to pick up my diet plan.

I went with Andre to pick up my diet plan and at the same time we both did our Discovery Assessments. So 5000 points for Vitality! She went over my plan, it looked ok and doable. No cheese, no nuts and no carbs at night. Reduce sugar from two sugars to one sugar.

So skip ahead from December 2013 to today. I went for a weigh-in and lost 1.8kg’s over December. Yes, you read right! And I cheated and ate cupcakes and ice-cream and puddings but still stuck to her diet for most of the day and went to gym 4 times a week and drank more water. Oh and it was Andre’s birthday a week ago and that was more cake and cupcakes.

My next weigh-in is on 16 February. Hoping to be another 3kg’s down.

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