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  1. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue
  2. I have grey eyes and my eyes change colour depending on my mood and what I’m wearing (look for green, green is good)
  3. I can eat with chopsticks (including rice)
  4. I have a birthmark on my head which only shows when I have a tan (which is rarer than a blue moon)
  5. My favourite food is ice-cream, peppermint with choc chips to be specific – wish I could find it
  6. I have two second names
  7. I used to be a size 6/7 and thought I was fat
  8. I have an older half-brother and half-sister who I never see. Ever
  9. I had pneumonia when I was 8
  10. My favourite animated movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas Update 2015: Home
  11. I have 2 children named Jade and Amber (not planned – the names)
  12. I have one natural birth and one caesarian section (natural is the BEST)
  13. Aubergine, Brinjal, eggplant. Call it what you want I refuse to eat it
  14. I wear a size 4/5 shoe
  15. I make the best spaghetti bolognaise and meatballs even though I don’t eat red meat
  16. I haven’t eaten red meat since 2004
  17. I love tea. Earl Grey ismy favourite
  18. According to the physiotherapist I am incredibly flexible and have an 80% mobility score (apparently that’s not good)
  19. I cannot play chess
  20. I have 3 scars. One on my chest where a cat scratched me, a vicious caesarian scar and one on my left shin from a rusty nail
  21. I hate Horror movies. I scare very easily and can’t ‘switch off’. I can’t tell myself they’re not real, it’s just a movie
  22. I love salads
  23. I have great cleavage
  24. I am a formatting and grammar nazi
  25. I love books and love reading. Sometimes too much.
  26. I prefer cats to dogs
  27. I have a Greek name, an Orthodox Jewish mother and a German-born father
  28. I love milk – low-fat to be exact
  29. My favourite flower is a red rose or pink carnation. Tulips are pretty too.
  30. I went to three different primary schools
  31. I went to three different high schools
  32. My GHD (hair straightner) helps me have ok hair days
  33. I have to make the bed – it makes the room look tidier immediately
  34. I drink my fruit juice diluted (half juice half water)
  35. I cannot eat lunch or dinner without something to drink in front of me
  36. I have read all the Harry Potter, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey
  37. I love “The Sandman” graphic novels by Neil Gaiman
  38. I’m a goth
  39. I had 14 body piercings until I was 34
  40. I do not iron, or wash windows
  41. I love thunder and the sound of rain while falling asleep (anytime actually)
  42. My favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring
  43. Mozart is my favourite classical composer
  44. I have read hundreds of books
  45. I have not read Lord of The Rings
  46. I have read The Hobbit 9 times
  47. I thought I would miss The Kardashians when we cancelled Dstv. I didn’t
  48. My favourite songs are: Sweet dreams – Eurythmics | Prince – When Doves Cry | U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday Update: 2015 Hozier – Take Me To Church
  49. Everyone calls me ‘P’. I have no idea why. One friend started it, the rest followed
  50. I am incredibly ticklish
  51. I have permanent black shadows under my eyes no matter how tired/refreshed or sick/healthy I am
  52. I was born on my due date
  53. I’m Aquarius with sun in Taurus and moon in Cancer
  54. I HAVE to use cream after washing my hands
  55. I love all things berries
  56. I avoid citrus fruits
  57. I love avocado
  58. I have had the same and only cellphone number since December 1998
  59. I wanted to be a medical doctor from the age of 3 to 14
  60. I cut part of my ring finger on my left hand off in a door when I was 3
  61. I don’t drink wine
  62. I don’t drink Coca-cola
  63. I take S5 medication for migraines I have been mostly migraine free since 04 July 2013 I’m coping with Over The Counter medication.
  64. I enjoy building jigsaw puzzles
  65. I can read Tarot cards
  66. I love cats (I might have said that already)
  67. I My favourite colour is black
  68. I am 5’2″ and I’m the only person who doesn’t think I’m short
  69. I have incredibly long fingers and thin hands
  70. The most I have ever won in the lottery is R3 400
  71. My full name is Pleiades. It’s my REAL name and it is a REAL name. It’s a Constellation and has a history in Greek Mythology
  72. The main character in Treasure Planet is named James Pleiades Hawkins. See, it’s a real name.
  73. I am obsessive about having a clean kitchen
  74. I having a burning desire to be the voice in an animated movie
  75. I have 4 tattoos. I will have more when I find the right designs.
  76. I am scared of heights
  77. Pinterest is more distracting than Facebook
  78. When I was 5 I tried riding a bulldog. It worked until he ran into the wall
  79. I often fall asleep while watching movies at home and can’t watch a movie for longer than 45 minutes and start to fidget
  80. The perfect temperature for me is 23C. I cannot stand extremes of heat and cold
  81. I talk with my hands.
  82. I can eat Macadamias until I feel sick. And then eat more until my stomach hurts. And then have to hide or give them away. I don’t buy them very often :-/
  83. I can drink Chai Tea all day
  84. Tai Chi relaxes me
  85. I never get tired of listening to NIИ – Pretty Hate Machine
  86. I spell conform confirm wrong EVERY time I type it.
  87. I’ve had the “Funeral March” as my ring tone
  88. I like Liquorice. A lot. Same story as Macadamias
  89. I love playing Clash of Clans
  90. I have a rare, unique name
  91. I have a rare blood group
  92. I have the rarest MBTI personality – we form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population.