24 Most Hardcore Strength & Flex Moves

//24 Most Hardcore Strength & Flex Moves

24 Most Hardcore Strength & Flex Moves

This has to be one of the most amazing fitness video’s I have seen. Ok she’s a pole dancer; however she is incredibly fit, toned and her strength is astounding.

I was going to gym and managed to get rid of 10 kg’s. It took about 10 months, and I still felt like my core muscles were nowhere near as strong as they were before I had my second child and caesarian section. I have serious doubts I could get this fit although I would definitely like to give it a try!

I met a new possible client who happens to train at the same gym as myself (no, we did not meet at the gym. I don’t go there at the moment, remember?) He has volunteered to train me and give me a schedule to work on to get rid of the remaining ‘baby’ fat, get toned and firm and build up my strength. He only trains at night which is inconvenient for me and I can’t really gym in the morning. Me thinks I’m full of excuses.

Watching this video has inspired me. I have a newsletter to write tonight (excuses and the truth) and I have to be up at 05h15 tomorrow morning (every Tuesday morning) so not inspired to be sore AND tired in the morning. I will definitely try and make an effort tomorrow night!

Watch the full video and read the comments here.

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